Cleanline 1.25L foam sprayer EPDM seals 301FB

  • Cleanline 1.25L foam sprayer EPDM seals 301FB

CODE: #301FB


Solo Cleanline 1.25L sprayer with EPDM seals for use with alkaline liquids. For use in cleaning purposes where visibility and longer chemical effect with no run-off is required. These sprayers have light and sturdy translucent containers and large filler opening. Smooth, sealed pump with large pump handle for quick and efficient build-up to max 3 bar. and a safety valve for pressure release. Equipped with adjustable varioFOAM nozzle, ergonomically shaped and robust handle. No need to interchange filters, no changing of nozzle, no unnecessary contact with the spray medium. With the Solo patented foaming nozzle varioFOAM the moisture level in the foam can be endlessly adjusted by turning an adjustment wheel even while working.