Established 1948 in Germany, Solo has become the #1 garden sprayer brand in New Zealand. With a range of over 25 Solo sprayers for use in small to large gardens and indoors, and another 25 of Cleanline and Northstar sprayers, Solo NZ has a sprayer for every job to make gardening and property maintenance easy.

The Solo range of garden sprayers includes handheld, backpack, motorised, battery-powered and manual, with tank capacity ranges from 1L to 20L, and both piston and diaphragm pumps. Ergonomically designed in Germany, Solo sprayers are leaders in quality, durability and versatility.

Solo Cleanline sprayers are perfect for cleaning purposes, with a choice of sprayers that cater to alkaline or acidic liquids.   

We also have high-end Northstar tow-behind and spot sprayers with tank capacities ranging from 34L to 385L. Choose between a tow-behind sprayer, or one that will sit on the back of the quad or ute. With Northstar, you'll have the ability to do both precision and wide-coverage spraying.

Order all sprayer parts online or get in touch if you have any questions. Solo NZ also provides a back up and repair service in Hamilton or you can access our range of service dealers throughout New Zealand.

Shop Solo NZ for all your sprayer needs. Order online before 3.30pm Monday to Friday for same-day dispatch.

58 products

58 products

Sprayers FAQs

Yes, our sprayers are designed to cater to both home gardeners and professional landscapers.

Absolutely, our sprayers are versatile and can be used for water, pesticides, herbicides, and other liquid solutions.

After each use, rinse the sprayer thoroughly with clean water. Periodically check and clean the nozzle, filter and seals for optimal performance.