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      Zero Turn Ride On Mower FAQs

      A Zero Turn Ride-On or ZTR (Zero Turn Radius) Mower is a type of lawn mower with an effectively zero turning radius. This is achieved through differential steering, where the two drive wheels can rotate at different speeds, allowing for precise maneuverability and quick turns.

      Zero Turn Mowers offer superior maneuverability, allowing you to navigate around obstacles quickly and efficiently. They also save time by cutting mowing time significantly, especially in lawns with numerous obstacles.

      They are ideal for most lawn types, substantial, open spaces, or lawns with many obstacles like trees or garden beds. However, there might be better choices for very hilly or uneven terrain.

      Regular maintenance includes checking and changing the oil, cleaning or replacing air filters, sharpening blades, and properly inflating the tires. Always refer to your mower's manual for specific maintenance instructions.

      While they can handle slight slopes, it's generally advised to use caution on inclines over 15 degrees. Zero Turn Mowers are not typically recommended for steep slopes due to their high centre of gravity.

      Consider the size of your lawn, the terrain type, and specific needs, such as mowing speed and comfort features. Our team can help you select a model that best fits your requirements.