Taking care of the land is not only one of the most ancient arts of our civilisation, but also one of the most complete and diversified. This is why for over 40 years Eurosystems has developed a complete range of versatile, easy to use machines that allow people who love the land to look after it as best as possible while optimising costs, time and results. The robotised building systems guarantee high quality and reliability.

The Eurosystems range includes outstanding, easy to use equipment for small farms, gardens and vegetable growing. Each machine is built in compliance with all EU safety regulations. All models are designed to get high standard performance and reducing physical effort to the minimum.

Situated in northern Italy on the banks of the river Po, halfway between Mantua and Reggio Emilia, the Eurosystems plant covers a built-up area of about 13,000 square metres while the staff numbers about 80 employees. The turnover is about 18M Euro with about 75% of production being exported, making Eurosystems one of the leading companies in the gardening sector