Welcome to Solo New Zealand's Blowers collection, your ultimate source for high-quality blowing solutions. Whether you're looking for a powerful backpack blower for commercial use or a versatile axial blower for your garden, we've got you covered. Our selection features top brands like Solo, Maruyama, and Powerworks, ensuring you get the best performance and durability. Don't let leaves and debris ruin the beauty of your outdoor spaces. Explore our range of leaf blowers.

Blowers FAQs

We offer a variety of blowers including backpack blowers, axial blowers, and blower/vac combos.

Yes, our Powerworks 40V range offers battery-powered blowers for a convenient and eco-friendly experience.

Absolutely, we provide fast chargers and batteries to keep your blower running smoothly.

Consider the size of the area you need to clean and the type of debris you'll be dealing with when choosing a blower.

Yes, you can browse our collection and place your order online. We offer same-day dispatch for orders placed before 3:30 pm.