Pole Saw

View our Powerworks electric pole saw collection, where reach meets precision. Our Powerworks 40V pole saws are designed to help you trim those hard-to-reach branches effortlessly. Available in both 'skin only' and '5ah kit' options, our pole saws offer the flexibility to choose based on your specific needs.
3 products

3 products


We offer Powerworks 40V pole saws in both 'skin only' and '5ah kit' options.

Yes, our pole saws are part of the Powerworks 40V range, offering a cordless experience.

Yes, we provide chains specifically designed for our Powerworks 40V pole saws.

Consider the height and thickness of the branches you need to trim when choosing a pole saw.

Absolutely, you can browse our collection and place your order online. We offer same-day dispatch for orders placed before 3:30 pm.