Solo is bringing you EarthWay lawn spreaders. Ideal as seed spreaders, granulated fertiliser spreaders, salt etc. in both residential and commercial applications. Choose from:

  • hand-held spreader
  • walk-behind drop spreader
  • walk-behind broadcast spreaders
  • tow behind broadcast spreaders
  • ATV mount broadcast spreader

Some of the best fertiliser spreaders in NZ, greate as a seed spreader or fert spreaders but compatible with most granulated materials.

Rust-proof poly hoppers with capacities ranging from 1.8kg - 45kg.

EarthWay broadcast spreaders feature the patented EVEN-SPREAD® TECHNOLOGY: the EarthWay 3-Hole Drop Shut-Off System with Built-in Side Spread Control that operates at the pull of a lever. 

Whatever your requirements, Solo NZ has the lawn, seed & fert spreader for you.