Manual sprayers vs powered sprayers

Solo manual versus powered sprayers

We know battery-powered anything is the way of the future, with many previously manual or motorised gadgets, tools, and equipment moving to more sustainable battery-powered options – and sprayers are no different. Powered garden sprayers can make spraying more efficient and less cumbersome than traditional pump sprayers, however battery sprayers, with all their benefits, are more expensive and need to be charged after use.

Many people like the fact a battery sprayer means zero pumping, however it’s not time to chuck in the pump sprayer for good, as it too still has many benefits for professionals and homeowners alike. Pump sprayers are cost-effective and always ready to go, no charging necessary.

So which backpack sprayer option is the better one for you? The answer depends.

Manual pumps

Firstly, there are two types of pumps when it comes to manual backpack sprayers – piston and diaphragm. So, what’s the difference?

The piston is a cylindrical pump that moves up and down to create pressure.

  • The piston pump produces up to 90psi and creates a finer mist.
  • The piston pump is easier to access and so easier to maintain or repair.

The diaphragm pump contains an encased diaphragm the flexes up and down to build pressure.

  • The diaphragm pump produces up to 60psi for a coarser spray than the piston pump.
  • The diaphragm pump is a closed system so is harder to maintain and repair.

Solo’s manual pump backpack sprayers: 473D, 425LC, 425 Domestic, 425 Classic, 425 Comfort, 475, 424, 435.

Which one should I choose?

There are a few things to consider when choosing between a diaphragm and piston pump. You can read the full blog here, but following is a quick breakdown.


  • Compatible with most lawn and garden chemical solutions.
  • Good for liquid herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, or fungicides.


  • Designed for use with bleach solutions, wettable powders, or marker dye.
  • Can spray abrasive liquids.

Powered sprayers

Solo also has a good range of powered backpack sprayers, including a motorised option. There are many benefits to powered sprayers, but the biggest benefit is the most obvious one – no manual pumping required. Powered backpack sprayers have two variations: battery and motorised.

People like battery-powered backpack sprayers because they’re easy to use and can spray for hours without a charging break. Battery-powered sprayers are available in sizes ranging from one litre to 20L and are a great option for spraying at home or in a professional setting.

Solo’s battery-powered sprayers: 406Li, 414Li, 441Li, 416Li

Motorised backpack sprayers

These are designed to spray a very fine mist at a distance. Solo’s motorised sprayer has a 20L tank and a 4-stroke Honda GX25 petrol engine. This one is more than the homeowner needs and is recommended for professional use.

Solo’s motorised backpack sprayer: 433  

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