Self-propelled Lawnmowers

Welcome to Solo New Zealand's Lawnmowers collection, where excellence merges with performance. Within our selection, you'll discover the remarkable Powerworks 40V lawnmowers – a fusion of power and efficiency meticulously crafted to simplify your lawn care routine. You have the freedom to choose from self-propelled models, ensuring effortless operation, or opt for our walk-behind mowers if a hands-on approach is your preference. No matter your choice, our lawnmowers boast cutting-edge technology and a rugged build, making them an ideal fit for both residential and commercial landscaping needs.

Lawnmowers FAQs

Absolutely! Our self-propelled lawnmowers are designed to tackle lawns of all sizes efficiently. Whether you have a small urban yard or a sprawling estate, our self-propelled lawnmowers provide the convenience and power you need.

Self-propelled lawnmowers feature drive systems that engage the wheels to propel the mower forward. These systems typically include adjustable speeds, allowing you to match the mower's movement to your walking pace.

Yes, definitely! While self-propelled lawnmowers have their own propulsion systems, you can still walk behind and guide the mower's direction. The self-propelled feature simply assists you in moving across the lawn without exerting much effort.

Yes, our self-propelled lawnmowers are designed to be low-maintenance. However, like any lawnmower, regular maintenance such as blade sharpening, oil changes, and air filter cleaning is necessary to ensure optimal performance and longevity.