Winterise Your Sprayer!

Winter is here, which means it's time to store your sprayer until next spring. Sprayers can take a beating from the professionals who use them to run their businesses or the avid lawn care enthusiast.

No matter how you use your sprayer, failure to clean and store your sprayer correctly can cost you money.  

Why is Sprayer Maintenance Important?

Sprayer maintenance is the key to sprayer longevity. If you want your sprayer to last, you need to clean and rinse the sprayer after each use. It's a simple process that some people overlook.

Basic Sprayer Maintenance

Sprayers need regular maintenance all year round. Taking the time to clean and flush your sprayer will help keep your sprayer in good condition.

Here are the steps to maintain your sprayer:

  1. Release Pressure, Rinse & Drain - throughout the year, release pressure, and drain and rinse the sprayer after each use. If you can't do it after each use, try to do it at least every other day.
  2. Clean - clean out your sprayer with mild soap and water. Avoid aggressive cleaning solutions.
  3. Lubricate - lubricate sprayer collar, piston, cylinder, and cap gasket with petroleum jelly or Solo's superior grease. Do not use oil for lubrication.

Winterising Your Sprayer

Winterizing a sprayer has nearly the same process as regular sprayer maintenance, except for one additional step. This last step is especially crucial if you are storing your sprayer in a shed or somewhere the sprayer will be exposed to freezing temperatures.

Before or at the start of winter, thoroughly drain the tank, pressure cylinder, and hose. Then, store the sprayer with the shut-off valve in the open position to prevent damage from freezing.

Sprayer Maintenance is Key

Taking the time to clean and maintain your sprayer after each use will go a long way in preserving it. And remember always to wear proper protective equipment while cleaning your sprayer. If you have any questions about sprayer maintenance, please don't hesitate to contact Solo NZ - (07) 827 3562.

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