Which type of nozzle do I need for my Solo sprayer?

While nozzles are some of the least expensive parts of a sprayer, they hold high value in their ability to influence your sprayer performance. Nozzles are designed to create various patterns, width, and amount of liquid sprayed around your target area. They also affect droplet size which impacts both target coverage and spray drift risk.

How Do I Choose?

Thankfully, Solo manufactures a variety of nozzles which have been specifically designed for certain applications and come in a range of sizes. Choosing the right nozzle will maximise efficacy, minimize spray drift, and allow you to get the most out of your product by using an accurate application rate and spray droplet size, and we’re here to make selecting the right nozzle easy. Firstly, consider:

  1. Which sprayer do you have? Double check the nozzle is compatible with your sprayer. While Solo nozzles work with most sprayers, there are a few they don’t fit with.

  2. What are you spraying? Are you needing it for field crops, vegetables, shrubs, weeds, insects, driveways, trees etc.?

  3. How far do you need it to go? Are you looking for close range to reduce drift risk, or are you looking for a high reaching jet?

Once you’ve answered these questions, check out what Solo nozzle best fits your needs.


Nozzle Options

Adjustable Nozzles

Designed to produce anything from a fine mist to a high reaching jet spray. These nozzles are ideally used if you’re looking to reach high places or for spot spraying. You can get a plastic or brass adjustable nozzle.

 adjustable nozzle sprayer parts and accessories solo nz

Fan Nozzles

Designed for straight line applications, fan nozzles come in varying degrees and are ideally suited to spraying paths, driveways, garden beds and general spraying. Solo fan nozzles range from 80 degrees to 110 degrees, depending on how you’re using the sprayer.


fan nozzle sprayer parts and accessories solo nz


Hollow Cone Nozzles 

Designed for use with a swirl plate, this nozzle works best for spot spraying around plants, and for treating bushes and small trees.


hollow cone nozzle sprayer parts and accessories solo nz


Three-Way Speed Nozzles

The nozzle to rule them all. This nozzle is designed to change between fan, jet, and fine mist, so can be used for multiple applications.


Check out the whole range of Solo NZ nozzles and on our website, or get in touch if you'd like a little more advice on choosing the right nozzle for your sprayer. We would love to take your call - 078473562.

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