Supercharge Your Solo Backpack Sprayer

You've purchased a backpack sprayer and you know how much time it saves you, but did you know that you can add accessories to supercharge your sprayer? Accessories, like nozzles and wands, allow you to customise your sprayer to give you the best results for specific tasks. Check out these accessories for Solo Backpack Sprayers.

Pro Backpack Harness: Spray in comfort thanks to the Pro Backpack Harness. The shoulder straps and lumbar padding provide increased stability, comfort and protection while you're spraying.

Three Way Speed Nozzle: The Three Way Speed Nozzle allows you to rapidly change spray patterns on demand, from fine mist to jet to fan spray, saving you the effort of carrying alternate nozzles with you.

Twin Nozzle: The Twin Nozzle is made up of two adjustable pivoting nozzles for simultaneous spraying of two rows and/or spraying opposite directions.

Extension Wand: If you’re needing to reach higher places with your sprayer, give an extension wand a go. Ranging from 50cm to a combined length of 150cm (2x 75cm wands together), you'll be able to reach those places you're wanting to, without the need for a ladder.

Drift Guard: Ideal for covering large areas in windy conditions to prevent drift of chemicals, a drift guard is a must if you're wanting to spray year-round.

Pressure Gauge: The pressure gauge attaches to the shut-off valve on your sprayer and allows you to see the current pressure built in the sprayer.


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