Labour Weekend Backyard To-Do List

Labour Weekend is just around the corner, and for many kiwi's, it's the perfect time to roll up your sleeves and tackle some outdoor projects. With the promise of warmer weather and longer days, there's no better opportunity to spruce up your backyard. In this blog we've put together a backyard to-do list for you to consider this Labour Weekend. Let's dive in!

1. Spring Cleaning

Start with a thorough clean-up. Remove any debris, fallen leaves, and winter mulch. This is a great opportunity to declutter and prepare your outdoor space for a fresh start. Clean up leaves, pick up branches and twigs, and rake your lawn to remove thatch. Taking the time to clean your yard also allows you to find any weak spots that may have developed over the winter. A leaf blower can help you clean your yard faster. 

2. Lawn Care 

A lush lawn isn't just about what you put on it; it's also about what you remove. Thatch, moss, and organic debris can stifle your lawn's growth and health. That's where a lawn scarifier/aerator comes in. Labour Weekend is an ideal time to aerate, fertilise, and seed your lawn. 

3. Fertilise

October is an ideal time to repair any bare patches in your lawn. Sow grass seed and apply a slow-release fertiliser to promote healthy, green growth. You'll want to pick a fertiliser that fills in nutrient gaps. For instance, If your lawn is lacking nitrogen you'll want to use a fertiliser high in nitrogen. Be sure to read the instructions carefully to avoid over-fertilising your lawn. Depending on whether you use a liquid or granular fertiliser, you will need to use a sprayer or spreader.

4. Pruning and Trimming:

Trim overgrown shrubs and trees while they are still dormant. Remove dead or diseased branches and shape your plants to encourage healthy growth. Be cautious not to over-prune, as many plants are preparing to flower in the coming months. See our range of hedge trimmers here.


This Labour Weekend, don't let your backyard go to waste. Take the opportunity to spruce up your outdoor space with this backyard to-do list. Whether you're a gardening enthusiast or just getting started, there's tips for everyone. Remember to plan your projects well in advance, gather the necessary tools and supplies from your favourite garden equipment supplier - SoloEmbrace the season of renewal and watch your outdoor oasis flourish throughout the year. Happy Labour Weekend!

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