Solo mistblower 452 15L

  • Solo mistblower 452 15L

CODE: #45202


Solo 452 Mistblower - a professional mister with an extra large 15lt tank. This lightweight mister has an amazing spraying capacity thanks to it's modular design and high fan air volume. Ideal for pest control in vineyards and orchards with total plant penetration. It can also be used for vector control, disinfection and sanitation. Without the diffuser this unit can also be used as a leaf blower. Also available with a 12lt tank - see model 452 Accessories available: ULV nozzle, Twin output nozzle, extension tube. Supplied standard with a long reach nozzle and wide spray diffuser. Some assembly required. We offer a two-year non-commercial warranty, 12-months commercial and 3- months hire warranty (excludes misuse and/or fair wear and tear).