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Genset 8KW - For Hire



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Whether you're in need of an industrial generator, you're an avid camper and need a generator for your latest off-grid holiday, or you're needing a backup system for your home, this heavy-duty electric start generator is your go-to.

With a maximum output of 7kW/8.75kVA, this really is a versatile machine. A huge bonus to this machine is that it uses advanced technology and low vibrations to keep the generator quiet (only 76 dB(A)), and is powered by a high-quality commercial grade engine, force air cooled with overhead valves for economical, smooth and quiet performance to keep your campground neighbours happy.

This generator has been well-thought-out for optimum performance, ease of use, and safety. It has been fitted with an Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) helps to keep constant current, an integrated oil cut-out system to protect the engine from damage when the oil level is low, an RCD circuit breaker provides protection and more safety, a transistorised magneto ignition system to ensure each start is ultra easy and reliable, and is supplied with wheels and foldaway handles to make transport easy.


  • 4-Stroke
  • 420cc 9kw / 12hp engine
  • 25L fuel tank
  • 7kw max output
  • 86kg
  • 680 x 540 x 540