Commercial Broadcast Seed & Fertiliser Spreader 45KG - For Hire - Solo New Zealand

Commercial Broadcast Seed & Fertiliser Spreader 45KG - For Hire



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This broadcast spreader with 45kg hopper is a must-have for any commercial material applicator. With EVEN SPREAD 3-hole drop system which allows for the balanced spreading of all types of granular material, measuring 50% of fert or seed to the left and right of the centreline to achieve an accurate application rate. The enhanced spread pattern control eliminates the need for side deflectors.

This contractor-grade spreader provides an accurate and even spread pattern for all types of material. With a heavy-duty gearbox, this is perfect for your needs. From the steel T-bar handle to the frame specifically designed for even weight distribution with widespread 12″/30cm pneumatic tyres, it's easy to spread granular fertiliser, salt, or seed on slopes or other uneven ground. 

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Please note that this spreader is unsuitable for any lime products.