What to do in the garden in autumn


There are many things you can be doing for your garden in the autumn, to make sure you’re prepared for the next twelve months.


Now is the time to get your lawn sorted. For a lawn that’s the envy of your neighbours, take the time in autumn to scarify your lawn. You can also trim back trees in shady areas to allow for more light to hit the grass. Now is also the season to sow grass seed so your lawn can establish over the winter months.


During winter, it’s common for gardens to experience moisture and temperature fluctuations, which typically stresses plants out. Adding a layer of mulch to the garden beds keeps moisture and warmth in the ground, allowing plants to be happier over the colder months in order to thrive come spring.

Planting bulbs

Autumn is when you should be digging bulbs in to guarantee a wash of colour come spring - think daffodils, tulips, freesias, hyacinths, and irises. Make sure you plant in well-drained soil and don’t plant them too deep – twice the height of the bulb is a good rule of thumb for planting depth.

Winter flowers

There are beautiful winter flowering annuals available. Clear out your summer annuals that have wilted away and think about what parts of your garden or property are usually dull and bare during winter. Plant winter annuals in garden beds or planter boxes.


All those falling leaves are perfect for composting. Rake them up and chuck them on the pile. Gather up all the garden rubbish at the same time – any herbs and vegies that have stopped producing, and add them to the pile too. Compost is a fantastic way to recycle organic matter. Add it to your garden later and you’ll be pleased you took the time to compost!

There's no time to waste when it comes to gardening in autumn. All your hardwork will pay off come winter and spring.

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