The best garden sprayers

best garden sprayer

There are a lot of garden sprayers on the market – heck, Solo NZ has over 20 – so how do you know which is the best garden sprayer for you? Let’s take a look…

Best mini garden sprayers

Solo’s mini sprayers are just as hardy and well-made as our larger garden sprayers, just with smaller capacities and greater precision for spraying awkward places (like the undersides of leaves and hanging plants). In our mini garden sprayer range, there are choices between 1L, 2L and 4L, with or without lances (except the 4L which uses a wand). All are lightweight, feature Viton seals, reach operating pressure with just a few strokes, and nozzles adjust from direct jet to a fine mist.

Best medium garden sprayers

Moving up a level, our medium garden sprayers range from 5L to 11L. Built to last, every sprayer features an unbreakable wand, easy-filling funnels, and high-quality Viton seals. A selection of spray nozzles is supplied as standard, so you can adjust your spray trajectories as needed. There’s even a sprayer on wheels to allow you to spray a greater area without carrying any weight. The Solo 406Li 6L is the battery-powered, shoulder-carried medium sprayer option for comfort and easy mobility, with a spray time of up to 3.5 hours.

Best large garden sprayers

Here we get into our world-leading backpack sprayers, known for their ergonomic design and robust build. Treat your Solo backpack sprayer right and it can last decades. Ranging from 10-20L, you can opt for a battery-powered or manual sprayer, each with their own benefits. The battery-powered sprayers require less effort from you, but some people prefer putting in the work! Large apertures make filling and cleaning easy, wide-padded adjustable straps for comfortable carrying, and pump handles can be set up for right or left-handed pumping. There are professional and domestic sprayers, but if you take maintenance on your large home garden seriously, there’s no reason to not get a professionally recommended Solo backpack sprayer!

Solo has thousands of parts available online, so you know you can always get your hands on whatever you need. Every Solo garden sprayer comes with a non-commercial warranty (and some with commercial warranties), and we provide a repairs and backup service either onsite at our Hamilton retail shop, or through service dealers nationwide.

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