How to maintain your sprayer wand and trigger

how to maintain your sprayer wand and trigger

A Solo sprayer will last decades if it’s properly taken care of, and sprayer wand and trigger maintenance is integral to making sure your sprayer is in top condition.

We know that chemical residue can play havoc with the pump, and it’s the same with the wand and trigger. Chemicals left in the wand’s on-off handle section can strip the lubricant around the O-Rings, causing wear and tear. Just like it's best practice to flush your sprayer after every use, it’s also best practice to perform the following maintenance on your wand and trigger every couple of months.

Wand and trigger maintenance, step by step

  •  Twist off the clamp that connects the lance to the handle.
  • Remove the clamp opposite the trigger – when you pull this out, you see a spring come with it.
  • Take some pliers and pull out the pin on the side of the handle. This will allow the trigger to be removed.
  • Here you’ll see a red plunger with two O-rings attached. Push the plunger out.
  • Lubricate the O-rings with Vaseline.
  • Push a rag into the handle to give it a wipe out.
  • Reassemble in reverse order.

 Cleaning the nozzle

The spray pattern will be affected if your sprayer’s nozzle becomes clogged with built-up debris or chemicals, so your sprayer will thank you for taking the time to clean the nozzle while you’re performing the above maintenance.

  • Twist off the nozzle.
  • You’ll see a white cylindrical filter and the nozzle shell. Wash these with some water.
  • Give the nozzle casing a blow through to remove any excess debris.
  • Reassemble in reverse order.

When we see sprayers that have been in action for 10, 20, 30+ years, they all have one thing in common – their owners have taken the time to clean them and keep them properly maintained.


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